Message from V/P/R/C Services

Takele Tadese(PHD)

Vice president for Research and Community Services

Time: 7pm,1 March 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Realizing the contribution research and community services bring to the success of the university mission, the board restructured the wing into vice president for research and community services in the year 2015. Structurally, the vice president for research and community services is accountable to the president and has four directorates under it. These are the directorate for research affairs, the directorate for community services, the directorate for university industry linkage and technology transfer, and the directorate for publication, documentation and dissemination of research and community services outputs. The organizational structure further decentralized into college or/and school level with coordinators to handle the research and community services and then to the department as department team to manage the case.

The vice president office is working towards making research problem solving and community services need based and demand driven. To support the efforts, thematic areas were identified and research and community services policy formulated in consultation with stakeholders. The research and community services proposals are developed and implemented based on problems and demands forwarded from stakeholders during problem identification phase. Once implemented, the outputs are evaluated by stakeholders to ensure their impact on the livelihood of the society.

In order to make the research and community services closer to the communities andmake use to of site specific conditions, research centers, and technology villages are being established in the various agro ecologies of the mandate areas of the university.

So far, the office established research centers at AbelaFaracho, Humbo district, Highland fruit nursery development and farmer training center, at Kokate, Sodo zuria district in Wolaita zone and Kechiresearch center at Dawuro zone. The office believes that further efforts will be made to bring more sites and establish technology villages and research centers in consultation with concerned bodies.

Research and community services are being performed by funds obtained from the university as well as external sources. In each year, based on funds allocated for the purpose, the office announces calls for proposals which are on competitive basis. The proposals that are in line with achieving university mission, which are based on thematic areas, the problems forwarded by the stakeholders, granted for implementation are given emphasized. In addition, researchers also compete for funds from external sources and perform research and community services.

I would like to remark that the directorate is always open to have whoever wants to make research and serve community that leads to advanced change of the life of the society socially, economically etc to wards to new technologies.

Takele Tadese(PhD)

Vice president for Research and Community Services

Phone (Office):+251-465-511-911
Cell phone: +251-911-352-296
Fax: +251-465-515-113
P.O.Box: 138

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