Dean of Students

Ephreme Gulifo (Asst. prof)

Dean of Students

Time: 7pm,29 Feb 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Brief History

The expansion of public universities in Ethiopia in the last two decades has enabled the establishment of Wolaita Sodo University in 2007. The University began its operation of learning and teaching with total 801 students (609 male and 192 female) in four faculties and sixteen departments on March 27, 2007.

Currently, Wolaita Sodo University is executing its academic in three campuses; Gandaba, Tercha and Otona, with the total number of students not less than 22,000 in all modes of delivery. In all these journeys of the University, the Office of Dean of Students, as one pivotal part of the institutional structure, has contributed much for this increment of students' population.

Phone (Office):+251-465-511-423
Cell phone: +251-911-385-974
Fax: +251-465-515-113
P.O.Box: 138
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