Research Affairs Directorate

Gobeze Loha Yada

Research Affairs Directorate Director

Time: 7pm,29 Feb 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Brief History of the Directorate

Conducting research and rendering community services are the two major responsibilities of Ethiopian universities. Accordingly, Wolaita Sodo University has been engaged in conducting research and providing community services in various areas since 2004 E.C under the office research and community service. Since then, the research and community service work of Wolaita Sodo University is broadening from year to year there by increasing the beneficiaries of the activities.

The office of research and community service was established 2007 E.C at vice president level being responsible for planning, coordinating and managing activities related to research, community services, industry – university linkage and technology transfer as well as publication and documentation of project outputs.

The University aggressively works towards transforming itself into a research intensive University establishing a framework for quality, advanced and sustainable research via publishing culture; heightening a quality extension programs and establishing links with local and international partner institutions.

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