Research Publication, Documentation and Dissemination

Wondimu Tegegne Bidu (PhD)

Director of Research Publication, Documentation and Dissemination

Time: 7pm,29 Feb 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Brief History of the Directorate

Research Publication, Documentation and Dissemination (RPDDD) Research Publication, Documentation and Dissemination (RPDDD)is one the offices under the Vice President for Research and Community Service Office. It is believed that conducting researches and rendering community services should be backed by publications and disseminations of outputs. The office of RPDDD is concerned with publication, dissemination and documentation of research outputs. The outputs of the projects granted by WSU will be published and disseminated to the concerned bodies. The purposes of dissemination are: to communicate what the university is doing, to share knowledge with academic staff and to help the communities in the catchment areas; WSU (Wolaita and Dawuro Zones) beneficiaries of outputs the projects. Thus, the office of RPDDD will publish and document for farther action. The publications can be input for researchers to conduct further studies. With this regard, publishing will be helpful to researchers, students and other interested individuals. Then, the outputs of the projects will be disseminated via different means such as journals, proceedings, webpage’s, conferences, workshops, public lectures, electronics Medias such as radio, TV etc. So far the university has published and disseminated four proceedings. The office is planning to establish reputable journal in various fields of specialization. Finally, I kindly invite you to visit our website and different Medias and provide comments.

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