Plan & Programme

Mr. Arja Adema

Director of Plan & Programme Directorate

Time: 7pm,29 Feb 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Brief History

Planning and program has been the solitary means to achieve the pillars of the university. The office came to operation in 2010 G.C. The directorate has been operating different activities such as planning, reporting the achievement timely, monitoring efficiency of budget allocation and utilization, evaluating efficiency of internal business process and supporting the effective and efficient learning and development of the university contributing to achieve the vision and goals of the university.

Major Activities Performed

 Planning, organizing, leading and controlling the university activities.
 Assuring plan implementation, identifying performance gaps and recommending the appropriate way to fill gaps.
 To improve the performance level, developing and implementing recognized project controlling system and designing decision accelerating system up on performance inefficiency.
 Monitoring and evaluating projects, research works for decision making bodies. Furthermore the directorate organizes vital information for decision making and arranges it in computerized manner for higher officials, researchers and policy makers. Finally, prepare perpetuate favorable reporting.
 Design strategic plan with concerned bodies and controlling its performance.
 Considering the internal and external environment, creating productive and recognized idea to be implementing and then follow up the performance.
 Reporting Planed and accomplished activities and facing problems of the university to top management with in term of reference.
 Identifying and promoting positive experience, which obtained by reform activities of institutional transformation and maintaining its sustainability.
 Preparing the plan of the directorate according to balance score card and endorsing with staff and then after, develop monitoring and evaluation system.
 Performing all activities contributing to achieve the vision of the university individually as well as in group.

Future Plans

Currently, the university is on dynamic change of growth. Hence, to facilitate the change, the directorate is planning to:
 Redesign BPR system in the directorate
 Implement reform activities
 Expand the extent of directorate activities
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