School of Law

Mr. Teketel Labena

Dean, School of Law

Time: 7pm,29 Feb 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Brief History

School of Law was established in 2000 E.C. with the mission of working for the enhancement of democracy, good governance, tolerance, equality, social justice and economic development for the people of Ethiopia through programs of teaching, research and community service. The school working for the advancement of the intellectual and social conditions of the people through providing equitable, accessible and quality legal education by teaching, researching and serving community in order to prepare competent and responsible members of legal profession who actively contribute towards rule of law, democracy, human rights, good governance, social justice, equality, tolerance and development.

At the time of its establishment, the school had only four staff members and 66 students. However, it has gone through a series of developments since then. Presently, the school hosts 367 students in the regular LL.B Program and 21 students in the Week end LL.B Program and 245 students in the in service summer program. The number of teaching staff has grown to 22. Out of this 14 are LL.M. holders and one Assistant Professor, two Associate Professors (expatriate) and two staffs are in study leave.

Apart from teaching and learning, the school is engaging in community service and research activities. Due to the spirit of public service in which the school infused, it involved in research projects, community service programs in which the staff and students are seeking for innovative solutions to real-world problems.

So far, four free legal aid centers which provide free legal aid to indigent sections of the society has been opened under the school. Four additional free legal aid centers will be opened soon in selected Woreda of Wolaita and Dawuro Zones which are the catchment area of the university. Regarding research and community service, the school conducted 12 research projects.

Phone (Office):+251-465-514-590
Cell phone: +251-911-989-139
Fax: +251-465-515-113
P.O.Box: 138
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