College of Health and Medicine

Dr. Berhanetsehay T/wold

Chief Clinical Director

Time: 7pm,29 Feb 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Brief History

The establishment of College of Health Science and Medicine (Ottona campus) can be traced back to 2013 G.C. with the birth of Wolaita Sodo University in 2007 G.C. Then on, Department of Nursing, Department of Midwifery, Department of Anesthesia, School of Medicine, School of Public Health, Post Graduate in Public Health and Applied Human Nutrition were emerged through years.


Ottona Campus as a part of the university was established by amalgamation of the former Ottona Hospital with WSU in 2013 G.C. The campus is located in Sodo Town 325 km south of Addis Ababa with an area of 67, 724.25m2 or 16.77 hectares. It proved its fast progress towards achieving national and international reputation as an institute of excellence. In the mean time, the hospital becomes centre for teaching and research; curative, preventive and rehabilitation services. It has been delivering the above services for about 2,000,000 people after having been Teaching Referral Hospital.

The campus, though young for its age, has made remarkable and multifarious progresses in training, research and service provision. The student enrollment has shown growth and reached 416 in 2007 E.C academic year. The number of staff has also boosted to 697 in the same year. In its integrated efforts, in the campus, so far 310 professionals have graduated in various fields of health studies.

The campus has made its own relentless efforts in extensive renovation and expansion work to make the hospital conducive for service, training and research. Therefore, it upgraded itself into a Teaching and Referal Hospital. In line with this, the highly qualified and senior academic staff in the campus have been trying their best to improve the service that the hospital renders. With regard to partenership and collaborations, the campus is working with NorHED, CDC, Japigo, MEPI, Southern Region Health Beaure and Federal Minstry of Health.

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