Wolaita Sodo University Tercha campus started Teaching Dawuro language in degree Program

Wolaita Sodo University Tercha campus started Teaching Dawuro language in degree Program

Tarcha Campus is among the four campuses of Wolaita Sodo University which was launched in Dawuro Zone Tarcha town in 2015G.C. It is about 170 kms away from the main campus, Gandaba. Different departments were opened and administered by the campus. Having this opportunity, the nearby community has benefited a lot from its multi services.


The college has graduated its first batch in 2010 E. C. Many stakeholders witnessed that irrespective of  its distance and recent inauguration, the campus is performing ahead of its age. For instant the campus worked hard and made its first batch student a medallist and cup winner of the 2010 E.C graduation of  the university.In this academic year, the campus has opened a new undergraduate program in Dawuro language and literature; about thirty (30) students are enrolled in the program for the first time in its history. Moreover, the campus is striving to use the language for the purpose of literature and research. For this reason, the local communities are very happy for the initiative as it has been strong demand of the community for over years.This message has been released to media by chief executive dean of the collage Dr. Shamelis Aregaw during the occasion of Dawuro language symposium which was held in Dawuro zone Tarcha town. Dr. Shimelis added that the college has planned to work hard for the advancement of Dawuro language by conducting researches for its wellbeing.Meanwhile, Ato Asrat Alemayehu, the chief administrator of Dawuro Zone and the formeradministration and development vice president of WSU stated that this is a great achievement of thecampus; the community should use these opportunities intensively and effectively. Ato Asrat added thatDawuro zone government is also very contented to work with the campus to sustain its achievements thein all aspects.

During the symposium,language professionals and researchers from different universities presented their research paper concerning language development.The participants of the symposium are all zonaldepartment heads,officials,woreda leaders,officers,invited guests,staffs etc.and made fruitful discussion on the issue of developing their language and culture aswell.At the end of this budget year, the campus is intended to shift to the new building which comprisesdormitories, classrooms, library, laboratories, cafeterias, student and staff lounges, staff residence, admin offices etc... The total cost of the construction is estimated over 800 million birr and estimated tobe 80%. of completion.The campus is believed to accommodate over 4700 students when all its constructions are completed at the end of this budget year.









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