Office of vice president for research and community service of Wolaita Sodo University signs agreement with the Netherland’s PUM

PUM is an organization from Nezerland

PUM is an organization from Netherland that works in promoting entrepreneurship in Ethiopia. It is currently working in transforming knowledge to enhance economic growth in 50 sectors.

The organization mainly works to ensure sustainable growth in 30 countries in Africa by creating awareness on work skills and entrepreneurship for marketing.The organization is established in 1978. It built more than 40 institutions around the world to increase entrepreneurship.

Dr. Mesfin, vice president for research and community service mentioned that PUM works internationally with higher education institutions jointly and this agreement also focuses on entrepreneurship such as farming, animal production, health, mining, tourism, counseling on entrepreneurship skills, vocational education, metallic industry, building, chemical processing, textile & leathering and in the field of trade by creating awareness for business.

Finally Dr. Mesfin accentuated that all stakeholders should work with high commitment to implement the strategy of poverty reduction.

Source: WSU communication directorate




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