Yohannes Bisa Biramo

Community Engagement and Services Directorate Director

Time: 7pm,29 Feb 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Brief History of the Directorate

The office considers itself as the most important asset of the community, to bring integrated change through solving the real problems affecting the communities. It does this by making a two-way, reciprocal relationship with the local community through implementing activities that foster community development, cohesion and well-being. It facilitates an active involvement of academic staff and members of the community considering that both academic staff and the entire community have their own part in execution.


Bringing tangible economic, social, intellectual and cultural developments through rigorous community services


The goal of the directorate is to achieve sustainable and meaningful community services that enhance community wellbeing

Responsibilities of the office

• identifies needs and problems in the community with stakeholders
• designs, revises and submits annual work plan for community services to the office of Vice president for research and community service for approval;
• facilitates the provision of capacity building services for the community on various themes
• Gives education to the general public (through radio program, lecture etc.)
• Creates enabling environment for the provision of free services that could generate income; like training on poultry farming, mushroom production, training on English language for upgrading
• facilitates the provision of free services like health services, legal services and development works
• Compiles, produces and submits regular community service activities to the office of Vice president for research and community service as well as to other key stakeholders;
• Follows up and monitor colleges/faculties/institutes/schools role in community services;
• Assists the vice president in planning and preparation of community services agenda;
• Supervises implementation of relevant community service policies;
• Prepares and follows up the preparation of different projects which enable to carryout community services at the university level