College of Engineering

Mr. Tsegaye Alemayehu

Dean,College of Engineering

Time: 7pm,29 Feb 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Brief History

College of Engineering was established in 2008/9 G.C (2001 E.C) with 70 students with in department of civil Engineering. Since then, the college has been trying its best to produce trained and competent professionals in engineering disciplines. The college has also taken strong initiatives to rivise the curriculum and diversifies its program. Hence, Construction Technology and Management, Architecture, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering departments have been launched. Within undergraduate program, the total number of students pursuing their undergraduate degrees presently reached at 5412.


Dedicated to contribute to applied scientific research and excellence so as to provide valuable resources for the industry and society of the state as well as East Africa in 2020 E.C


  1. To produce technically and scientifically outfitted graduates
  2. To deliver demand driven community and consultancy services
  3. To carry out collaborative projects that provide opportunities for long term university industry linkage
  4. To assist the community in employing and transferring existing and new technologies


  1. Offering competent instructions in engineering fields and developing enabling environment for teaching learning processes,
  2. Developing close collaboration with industry through exchange of personnel and under taking consultancy projects
  3. Providing conducive environment for research and community service
  4. Developing collaborations with other academic and research institutes nationally and internationally.

Phone (Office):+251-465-511-508
Cell phone: +251-936-994-247
Fax: +251-465-515-113
P.O.Box: 138
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