College of Agriculture

Asrat Worku (Asst. Prof.)

Dean,College of Agriculture

Time: 7pm,29 Feb 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Brief History

College of Agriculture as a faculty was established in 1999 E.C with four departments: Animal and Range Science, Natural Resource Management, Crop Science and Rural Development & Agricultural Extension. Since then, many students have been graduated in the college with in the regular, weekend and summer modalities.

The college has made unlimited efforts to launch other undergraduate programs as result currently the number of departments reached to seven; namely, Animal and Range Science, Plant Science, Natural Resource Management, Horticulture, Rural Development and Agricultural Extension, Agribusiness and Value Chain Management and Agricultural Economics. The college has also made sincere attempts to launch different post- graduate programs.

The college has also launched graduate programs since from 2011/2012 in the regular and weekend mode of deliveries. The graduate programs are M.Sc. in Rural Development and Planning (RDP), M.Sc. in Agricultural Knowledge Management and Communication (AKMC) and M.Sc. in Agronomy. More recently, the college has started M.Sc. in Animal Nutrition and Curriculum is underway for other programs.

In addition to the above efforts, the college has launched PhD program in Livelihood and Poverty Reduction in 2014 G.C. The total numbers of students pursuing post graduate and undergraduate degrees are 2,536 in both regular and continuous education programs.


Providing quality education, undertaking problem solving and basic researches and delivering need based community services


To be one of the best colleges nationally and recognized internationally by 2020


• To provide quality education in the disciplines of Agriculture
• To undertake problem solving research
• To render community services to the mandate areas of Wolaita Sodo University
Phone (Office):+251461800646
Cell phone: +251927154403
Fax: +251-465-515-113
P.O.Box: 138
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