Acadamic Programs & Staff Dev't

Wondimu Wolde (PhD)

Acadamic Programs & Staff Dev't Directorate Director

Time: 7pm,29 Feb 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Brief History of the Directorate

Ethiopian Higher Education Proclamation No. 650/2009, Article 21, Sub-Article 3 states that, “Institutions shall have suitable framework that provide for purposeful curricular development; and shall ensure its implementation by academic units”. On top of this, Article 30, Sub-Article 2 states that “Every institution shall ensure adequate supply of academic staff in quality as well as in numbers. Taking the proclamation and articles into account, an attempt was made in employing competent academic staff. The size of academic staff in institution shall be based on staff-to-student ratios and additional research requirements that shall be determined by the institution.

Major Objectives

On the basis of the aforementioned articles, the major objectives of Academic Programs and Staff Development Directorate are:
  1. Foster effective and efficient teaching- learning programs in pursuing the realization of the university’s vision and missions;
  2. Facilitate staff development practices and professional competence in the university;
  3. Identify areas which need focused attention for continuous improvement in programs implementation;
  4. Monitor and support the quality of different academic programs in the University;
  5. Nurture the culture of high student engagement in learning and continuous assessment to improve the quality and standards of education in the university;
  6. Facilitate the development of a culture of continuous quality improvement in achieving academic excellence.


The directorate is dedicated to promote market responsive academic programs, retain competent academic staffs and provide quality education.


The vision of the directorate is to become center for demand responsive academic programs and produce competent teaching staffs in Wolaita Sodo University

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